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10 Delicate Back Tattoo Designs To Try If You Want To Show Off Your Ink

So cute!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/flowers.for.all.occasions, Instagram/b_edgecomb_tattoos

If you've been wanting to get a tattoo for quite a while now, the new year is the perfect time to go ahead and get it. When it comes to placement, you have a lot of options. You can go for the more subtle ones like on the underboob and inner arm, or if you want to flaunt it, you can choose to place it on your back.

The back is a prime spot for tattoos because it covers a large area. Plus, if you don't want to show off your ink, it can be easily covered by your clothing or hair! As for the pain, expect low to moderate pain, which might intensify if your design covers your spine.

Interested? Check out some of the cutest tattoo designs we spotted online:

  1. The planets in the solar system are practically made to be placed along your spine.

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  2. Keep your koi fish simple by sticking with a more ~minimalist~ tattoo design.

  3. Don't be limited by your upper back—you can also place your ink on the lower area, just like this girl's snake tattoo.

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  4. Delicate line designs make for a *classic* tattoo.

  5. Let everyone know what your zodiac sign is by getting its symbol tattooed on your back.

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  6. Going for a more minimalist, clean vibe? Dots are the way to go.

  7. You can also choose to combine different elements in your design, just like the one below. The snake, combined with flowers, a moon, and stars, look surprisingly great together!

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  8. Short phrases always work well, too.

  9. We're predicting the rise of more colorful, abstract designs this 2021.

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  10. The color palette used in this bouquet of flowers makes the design look extra pretty and delicate.

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