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Beauty Treatments You Can Do During The Holy Week Break

Maximize your days off and return to work refreshed and glowing.
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Any long holiday break is ideal for trying beauty and wellness treatments with downtime. So if you're planning on maximizing the days you'll be staying in, take a look at our recommended list.

Warts removal

Warts, when left untreated, can spread to different parts of your face and body. They can also produce an uneven texture on the skin that no acid peel can cure. The only way to get rid of them is by electro-cauterization.

The said treatment literally zaps each wart, leaving scabs that would eventually come off without scarring. Don't worry about pain, though. Attendants place numbing cream on each spot so you won't feel anything.

Where to get it: Flawless; Skin Station; Aesthetic Science Makati and Madrigal Alabang; Skin House Pioneer Center; Luminisce Podium; Skin Dermatology & Laser Center Bonifacio High Street

How much it costs: P100-P1,500 per piece; P1,000 to P4,000 per area

Downtime period: Three to five days

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TCA Peel

A mild concentration of Trichloroacetic Acid is applied to the skin to get rid of excess oil and dry up pimples. It can sting a little and cause peeling. The results: A smoother, brighter, and clearer complexion!

Where to get it: Flawless; Skin Station; Aesthetic Science Makati and Madrigal Alabang; 

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How much it costs: P280 (as add-on); P3,500 facial package

Downtime period: Three to five days

Permanent lip tint

If you're too lazy to put on makeup, this treatment is for you! A licensed professional tattoos a lip tint on your pout. There is topical anesthesia, so you need not worry about pain.

There will be slight swelling hours after the procedure, but it will subside the next day. Peeling is inevitable in the first few days after the treatment because the lips got tattooed on the top layer of the skin. The lovely pinkish hue on your pout will last for three to five years, depending on your sipag with monthly touch-ups! 

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Where to get it: Browhaus and Pretty Looks

How much it costs: P15,000 to P58,000

Downtime period: Three to five days

Colon cleanse

Unknown to many, we don't poop everything out. A good amount of waste is just resting in our bodies. A colon cleanse can get rid of everything and detox your digestive system, including the liver.

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A coffee enema flushes out all the waste from your intestines and liver, which then frees your whole system of toxins. It's like spring cleaning for your body!

Where to get it: Centro Holistico Commerce Center Alabang

How much it costs: P2,000 per session

Downtime period: Pretty much none, but you need to stay home and ~relax~ after the procedure.

BONUS: Only for the brave ones


This resurfacing peel is pretty intense: 1. You'll have to leave the clinic with a brown face mask on (you can only rinse it off after a few hours). 2. You can expect to molt during the whole time it works its magic. 3. And by molting, we mean that sheets of dead skin will peel off for days.

The downtime and the peeling are all worth it though because Cosmelan can totally diminish acne marks and pigmentation. You'll get the soft and smooth complexion that you had before you hit puberty.

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Where to get it: Belo Medical; Aesthetic Science Makati and Madrigal Alabang

How much it costs: P30,000 and up

Downtime period: Extreme peeling on Week 1; Normal peeling on Week 2

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