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Botox For Your Feet, Anyone?

Science has found a way to make high heels a little more comfortable.

Women will go to great lengths to find the perfect pair of stilettos. And they will also TRY to withstand the pain that comes with wearing  the perfect pair of heels.

But now doctors are saying you can wear your favorite high heels—minus the pain. It's called the "stiletto lift," a procedure that allows plastic surgeons to inject botox (The same kind they use on your face!) into the balls of your feet to provide extra cushioning.

Because women wear high heels all the time (it's not our fault they make our legs look spectacular), the fat found in the balls of the feet get pushed—making heels ridiculously uncomfortable to wear. What the stiletto lift does is that it adds padding to the balls of your feet, so wearing your favorite skyscrapers won't be as painful. Genius, huh?

This isn't an ouch-free procedure, though. Typically, a woman needs to be injected about two syringes of the filler to work. And the doctors only gives you topical anesthesia to numb the pain.

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Over time, the filler allows your body to increase its collagen production naturally, which adds even more padding to your feet.

The procedure will set you back around $750-$1,500, and will last you about a year. Fine, it's really expensive, but after this, you'll no longer have to sacrifice style over comfort.

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And you know what they say, the higher the heels, the closer to God.