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7 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Likes Stealing Your Beauty Products

Guess which one of your products he secretly enjoys?
PHOTO: Nick Onken

1. Your special shampoo with revitalizing treatment is just way better than his regular anti-dandruff one.

Can’t you see the difference in how his hair bounces after? He does.

2. He secretly enjoys wearing those sheet masks you love to hoard.

Whether they’re anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, brightening, or rejuvenating, he just has fun sticking them on his mug and looking like a psychotic serial killer or cute animal.

3. Your spot correction cream works like magic.

Hey, no more pimple the next day! Who knew that was even possible? He sure didn’t.

4. For that beach hair look, he now swears by sea salt spray.

Damn those sticky waxes and pomades to grooming hell!

5. Those face scrubs you keep in the bathroom have these tiny beads that feel like a personal massage when used.

He’s learned that exfoliating is like a thousand fluffy pandas pinching his cheeks.

6. Although your body wash has a fruity and flowery scent, he can’t help but notice how he doesn’t reek of sweat so much anymore.

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Amoy baby!

7. And the real reason why your boyfriend likes to poach your beauty products: he’s just too lazy to source his own.

Give him a break once in a while, just as long as he doesn’t run the bottle dry. 

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