These Korean Bubble Face Masks Got Hilariously Out Of Control

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PHOTO: Reddit/ZeApollo

There's usually a bit of a learning curve with innovative beauty products. Nobody just arrives in the world knowing what to do with brow wigs or beauty chocolates. But sheet masks, which first emerged in the Asian beauty market, are old news by now. That is, unless you're dealing with a runaway bubble mask that threatens to take over your entire face.

As reported by PopSugar, Reddit user ZeApollo ran into this problem when her unnamed bubble mask just kept bubbling...and bubbling...and bubbling...

Bubble masks have been trendy on Instagram and other social networks for a while now. They function in much the same way as a super foaming cleanser, except they also claim to moisturize while they bubble up on your face. The bubbles are usually marketed alongside a more "traditional" charcoal mask.

But leave these masks on a liiittle bit too long, and you've got yourself a puffy situation:

Looking to get into the bubble mask craze? ZeApollo doesn't share what extra fluffing mask she used, but you can always get ones from Caolion or the standout mask from Korean brand Elizavecca—the amazingly named Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. The internet's weird beauty bounty continues to deliver.

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