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11 Cool Camera Tattoos You’ll Want To Take Pictures Of

Photographers, this one’s for you.
camera tattoos

Remember how good it felt to hold a camera for the first time? And how it took you hours to put it down because you couldn’t stop taking pictures of everything? Both amateur and seasoned photographers know how much photos mean to people; pictures preserve memories and in a way, that’s magic. So if photography is your way of bringing art into the world and you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, you might want to check these cool camera designs.

  1. Get a mini cam on your clicking finger.

  2. Something small but flashy! ;)

  3. It’s a match.

  4. Keep it minimalist.

  5. Get creative with color:

  6. The detail on this camera is absolutely stunning.

  7. When did your love for photography begin?

  8. Do you want something more realistic?

  9. Go with a vintage camera.

  10. Something ~*extra*~ if you’re ready to commit:

  11. Feel free to color outside the lines!

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