Can Sperm Facials Cure This Skin Issue?

Semen's great for sensitive skin, apparently.

You've gotta love the internet for bringing trends to our attention that we might not otherwise imagine exist. Case in point: sperm facials! It's something beauty vlogger Tracy Kiss is celebrating for soothing her sensitive skin. Try not to gag, now.

The theory

In her Semen Facial Tutorial on YouTube, the 28-year-old explains how she uses it to soothe her rosacea, a skin condition that causes flushing to the face which she's battled with her whole life. Sperm, she says, helps rejuvenate her complexion so she can more easily manage her redness. (How she discovered that this worked for her we're not so sure.)

So, her male friend drops off a semen donation in a container and she uses it as quickly as possible so it's fresh. What he's eaten and how hydrated he is, Tracy informs us, impacts the consistency of the sample, but she knows he's healthy which is the main thing.

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She explains that, "semen builds babies that comes out with beautiful skin—it also makes my skin very soft" and while it doesn't cure her redness, she claims it definitely reduces it.

The process

Three-to-five days a week, Tracy does a facial, applying the semen directly from the pot on to cleansed skin which has an instant cooling effect. Hmm.

It tightens after a few minutes and then it's ready to wash off with cool waterat which point "it feels glossy like an oil or a wax." Really?

Like an all-natural moisturizer, she says it leaves her skin hydrated and soft, with an improved texture. That could be the proteolytic and other enzymes that sperm boasts—which may act as an exfoliant. To be fair, her skin looks pretty radiant at the end.

It certainly won't turn everyone on, but maybe—just maybe—she's onto something? (Safety first though! We recommend asking your doc if it's recommended.)

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