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The Best Clay Masks To Use For Your Underarm Detox Routine

Score the flawless kilikli of your dreams.
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ICYDK, people are into underarm detoxing to score flawless kiliklii. They do it to ~purify~ the armpits from sweat, dirt, dead skin, and product buildup. They switch to a natural deodorant and apply a clay mask once a week. Think of it as a DIY facial for the armpits. We talk more about it here, but if you're ready to try it yourself, check out these purifying clay masks.

  1. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

    Of course, this list should start with the OG clay mask—the Aztec Indian Bentonite Clay. Mix this with water to create a paste and apply a thin layer on the underarms to detox the product and dead skin buildup. BTW, this formula is potent so you only need a little bit!

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    Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask, P525, Watsons

  2. Pond's Mineral Clay Mask Pure White

    If you really want a serious detox, try this mask from Pond's. It has clay and charcoal, the two ingredients famous for purifying the skin.

    Pond's Mineral Clay Mask Pure White, P32, Watsons

  3. Fancy Handy Yellow Clay Face Mask

    This clay mask is enriched with vitamin C which can help brighten uneven skin tone. BTW, if you plan on using this on your face too, you're in for a treat because it helps reduce signs of aging!

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    Fancy Handy Yellow Clay Face Mask, P425, Beauty Bar

  4. Human Nature Pollution Defense Face Mask

    Here's an organic and hypoallergenic find that's guaranteed to be gentle on the delicate skin of your underarms. It has bamboo charcoal that controls excess oil and removes dirt. It also has the combined powers of kaolin and bentonite clay to dislodge gunk and refine pores.

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    Human Nature Pollution Defense Face Mask, P450, Human Nature

  5. L'Oreal Dermo Expertise Pure Clay Mask Illuminating 50ml

    The L'Oreal mask is loaded with three types of clay—kaolin, Moroccan lava clay or ghassoul (a red clay of volcanic origin), and montmorillonite—to purge impurities stuck beneath the pores. It also has red algae to brighten pigmentation and even out texture.

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    L'Oreal Dermo Expertise Pure Clay Mask Illuminating 50ml, P449, Watsons

  6. Lush Mask of Magnaminty

    Aside from kaolin clay, this has honey to soothe skin (perfect if you frequently shave underarm hair). It also contains evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate dead skin. You'll also love the minty feeling it will leave on your skin. (Tip: It's great for banishing bacne, too.)

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    Lush Mask of Magnaminty, P625, Lush

  7. In Her Element Petal Skin Rose Clay Mask

    Give your underarms a treat with this mask that's enriched with calming rosewater and purifying rose clay. Plus, this has glycolic acid to smoothen and brighten texture and pigmentation.

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    In Her Element Petal Skin Rose Clay Mask, P875, BeautyMNL

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