All The Things You Can Try To Fight Bacne

From soaps to professional treatments.
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Bacne is that bitch that we all want to get rid of immediately. Although we can't really see the pimples, the thought of having them is simply annoying. Also, bacne is something we can't just ignore—the zits are sometimes painful!

We're fortunate to have products and treatments available that can help us clear body acne. Ahead, we list down the best things you can try to zap zits on your back and shoulders.


Clear skin starts with clean skin. Wash the affected area with any of these bath soaps to get rid of bacne pronto.

Best soap for bacne: Skin Potions Acne Pie Calming Soap

You've probably seen this product all over Instagram. The Skin Potions Acne Pie Calming Soap has a lot of glowing reviews because it effectively gets rid of impurities and dries out face and body acne.

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Skin Potions Acne Pie Calming Soap, P250, Lazada

Best soap for bacne: Aztec Secret Facial and Body Soap with Bentonite and Apple Cider Vinegar

This soap contains bentonite clay that sucks out the gunk stuck in the pores and apple cider vinegar that controls excess oil production. It also promises to balance the skin's pH for a more resilient skin barrier.

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Aztec Secret Facial and Body Soap with Bentonite and Apple Cider Vinegar 65gx2, P129, Watsons

Best soap for bacne: Dr. Wong's Sulfur Soap

If you find the usual acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide too harsh for your skin, turn to the zit-zapping abilities of sulfur. This body soap has been around for decades—a huge sign that it really works.

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Dr. Wong's Sulfur Soap, P53, Watsons

Best soap for bacne: One Earth Organics DCR Complexion Soap

An organic bar soap that's charged with activated bamboo charcoal to ~force out~ deep-seated dirt. It also has gentle detoxifying ingredients like moringa extract and soybean oil to cleanse the skin.

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One Earth Organics DCR Complexion Soap, P149, One Earth Organics

Best soap for bacne: Lush Parsley Porridge Soap

This herbal soap helps the skin stay clear of bacne and calms existing breakouts. The mix of oatmeal, aloe vera gel, thyme, and tea tree oil create the perfect soothing bar soap for acne-prone skin.

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Lush Parsley Porridge Soap, P395, Lush


Like your face, your body will benefit from a toner that's enriched with acne-fighting ingredients.

Best bacne spray: Celeteque Back Acne Spray

This toner dislodges dead skin cells and sebum buildup to prevent bacne. It's enriched with salicylic acid to treat existing breakouts and niacinamide to brighten dark spots.

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Celeteque Back Acne Spray, P320, Lazada

Best bacne spray: Snoe Shoo-zit! Don't Bother Me! Spray Me From Behind Back Acne Spray

Loaded with Anti-Acne PUREFIX-DC, this mist-type toner dries out zits in no time. It also has salicylic acid to unclog the sebum buildup, preventing upcoming breakouts.

Snoe Shoo-zit! Don't Bother Me! Spray Me From Behind Back Acne Spray, P349, Lazada

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Best bacne spray: Beach Born Healing Toner

If the Beach Born Healing Toner works on the face, you can be sure that it will clear bacne, too! Its main ingredient is witch hazel extract, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has aloe vera and lavender to soothe breakouts.

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Beach Born Healing Toner, P280,


Pop any of these beauty pills to help manage zits from head to toe.


This is the first clinically tested drug approved by the Philippine FDA as an anti-acne medicine. Each capsule contains the following: Lactoferrin to inhibit bacterial growth and promote skin immunity; vitamin E to protect the skin from UV damage; and zinc to accelerate the wound-healing process.

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Lactezin, P2,500, Watsons

Puritan's Pride Zinc for Acne

This beauty supplement fights acne from within. The combination of nutrients—zinc, vitamins A, C, B6, and E—all work together to heal and prevent breakouts both on the face and body.

Puritan's Pride Zinc for Acne 100 tablets, P650, BeautyMNL


For more permanent results and intensive treatments, try these services that target bacne.

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Skin Station Back Treatment for Acne

This is a deep cleaning treatment with comedone extraction that lasts for 90 minutes. The aesthetician will search every nook and cranny of your back to squeeze out nasty zits.

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Skin Station Back Treatment for Acne, P900, Skin Station

Aesthetic Science Backcial

This 45-minute treatment provides a thorough cleaning of the back. It starts with an application of exfoliating acids to purge out the impurities. The aesthetician then extracts the breakouts and does a chemical peel to brighten the marks.

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Aesthetic Science Backcial, P1,080 to 1,780, Aesthetic Science Alabang

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