14 Cuticle Tattoos That Will Make Your Fingers Look *Extra*

There are all kinds of shapes and designs!
PHOTO: Instagram/stephanie_montes

According to Teen Vogue, the latest body ink trend that's blowing up on Instagram—cuticle tattoos—is a cute way to decorate your fingers and make your nails look *extra*. If you DGAF about the pain of getting a tattoo on a sensitive area, then scroll below for a bunch of inspiring designs! 

A flower crown for your nails? Why not?

Multiple dots are popular for minimalists.

A classic pattern that will always complement your nail art.

For the girl who loves to layer her accessories.

Is anyone else getting emo and punk rock vibes from the '00s?

A simple design will always go well with fabulous digits.

Go for an intricate one if you plan on having bare nails most of the time!

Geo shapes are for you if you want something ~edgy~. 

For your wedding day, maybe?

This one will work during festival season!

An infinity sign never goes out of style.

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You can dress up each of your fingers with different words, symbols, and shapes! 

Love astronomy? The moon or the stars will look amazing on your cuticles!

Here's something that could motivate you to always hit your goals!

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