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Does Looking At Your Phone Give You Wrinkles?

It can, actually.

Try this little test: Grab your smartphone, turn on the front-facing camera, and just hold it normally—like you would when you’re texting or checking Instagram. Now do the following:

1. Check your undereye area.
Are there little wrinkles and folds forming from looking down at your screen? Do you squint when you’re trying to read your texts?

2. Look at your chin and neck.
Are you tilting your head down? Is it making you form a double chin and create more lines on your upper neck?

3. Check your forehead.
Does it furrow and crinkle while you’re reading a serious work text or can’t find the best filter for your photos?

If you answered yes to any of these, then your phone may inadvertently be giving you premature wrinkles. When you repeat these motions everyday, then the folds will eventually deepen (like when it does when you repeatedly fold paper) and lead to more permanent creases. So what’s the best solution for this modern day dilemma? Try holding your phone at eye level—just like your parents and titos do. It may look funny, but it can help your face relax more and prevent you from creating unnecessary lines on your face.


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