The Best Face Oils To Use For Your Skin Type

See the glowing difference after just one use!
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Facial oils are next-level moisturizers. They're filled with good-for-your-skin ingredients, so you'll see a difference in your complexion after just one use!

But like any other skincare product, you need to find the right one that suits your skin type, because you wouldn't want new pimples and rashes, right?

Dry: Horse Oil

Don't be put off by the name because this oil will bring the ~glow~ back. It's derived from horse fat, which contains linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that maintains and repairs the barrier of the skin. This ingredient also keeps the moisture locked in.

Horse Oil, P1,399, Zalora

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Normal: Jojoba Oil

You can mix and match this lightweight oil with your other moisturizers: It allows the fast absorption of emollient products without leaving a slick film on the skin. 

Human Nature
Pure Jojoba Oil, P395, Beauty Bar

Combination: Marula Oil

Marula—a "non-oily" oil—fights signs of aging, acne, and irritation. It's perfect for those who have more than one skin type! [Via Refinery29]

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Pure Marula Facial Oil, P2,980, The SM Store

Oily: Argan Oil

You'll never worry about feeling sticky with this ultralight face oil that's rich in skin-healing ingredients like vitamin E and linolenic acid. According to Marie Claire, argan oil can hydrate your face without clogging your pores and leaves a matte, yet radiant complexion. YAAAAS!

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V&M Naturals
Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, P1,700, SM Megamall

Acne-Prone: Grapeseed Oil

Aside from preventing excess oil production, grapeseed is also famous for being anti-inflammatory and soothing: Gently apply this on your pimples to reduce its size and redness. Plus, according to Refinery29, it can also reduce the appearance of dark circles!

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Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil, P2,504,

Dull: Rosehip Oil

Packed with vitamin C and A, rosehip oil is famous for brightening dark spots and evening out your skin tone.

Rose Oil Blend, P1,280, Glamourbox 

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