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15 Cute Tattoo Ideas For Your Fingers

Tiny tattoos are the best!
PHOTO: Instagram/therealkingkam

New to tattoos? We suggest getting them on your finger(s). They can be as little as you like, and it's true, the smaller they are, the prettier they look! Read on for ideas on what to get on your digits:

The Universe 

Adorable, right?

Bae's Name 

It can actually be anyone's name; just be 100% about it because this is permanent.

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The perfect partner for your dainty rings!

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For those of you love the sea or anything to do with The Little Mermaid.

Zodiac Symbols 

You don't have to be limited to your own zodiac sign; you can include your loved ones' too to remember them!

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Don't take your hands for granted because they are a gift! ;)


All aboard!

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Palm Trees 

Something to remind you of the Philippines, or as we call it, home.


This linear floral design is oh so chic!

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Stars And Lightning 

Love it!


Never forget that you are a queen!

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Tiny Heart 

A classic design for any newbie!


For all you sea lovers, or if you just really love fish!

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Who wouldn't want this kind animal on their fingers?

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