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10 Cute Tattoo Ideas If You Really, Really Love Food

There’s a possibility you’ll always be hungry, though.
side by side photos of food tattoos: a burger on the left, a strawberry on the right

Are you the kind of person who thinks about what you’ll be having for lunch while you’re eating breakfast? On your last trip to a new place, did you also make a separate list of all the food you want to eat there? When you make plans with someone, is the first order of business what you’ll be splitting during your chikahan? ‘Cause all of these are true for me, lol. And if you love food this much too, why not get a tattoo of your favorite dish or treat? Below are a few cute ideas for your first food-inspired ink.

  1. If you love anything with strawberries—from cakes to margaritas—this is perfect for you.

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  2. Can’t have toast without avocados? Or chips without guacamole? We found your next ink.

  3. Orange you obsessed with this cute slice?

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  4. This ice cream tattoo is so cool. (Get it?!)

  5. We have two words for this mini burger: Nice buns.

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  6. If you always get a combo, though, don’t forget the fries.

  7. You’re going to love this to pizzas.

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  8. Raise your hand if you love Japanese food!

  9. For all the hopeless ramentics:

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  10. Who else loves onion leeks this much?


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