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These Gentle Toners Can Help Smoothen And Brighten Your Underarms

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ln case you missed it, applying toner on your underarms can do wonders! This habit can help clear product buildup, smoothen out texture, and brighten discoloration. Since the skin on the armpits is thin and sensitive, it's highly recommended to use toners with gentle formulas but are packed with benefits! Ahead, the best products we found in the market.

  1. Human Nature Nourishing Face Toner

    This toner was formulated for delicate skin—which makes it perfect for the underarms! It's enriched with tomato extract to strengthen the barrier, which is especially needed when you shave or pluck underarm hair. It also has moisturizing agents that will keep your pits smooth and supple.

    Best Toners for Underarms

    Human Nature Nourishing Face Toner, P99.75/100ml; P184.75/200ml, Human Nature

  2. Céleteque DermoScience Brightening Alcohol-Free Toner

    This gentle toner can block melanin production which results in a brighter skin tone. It also has green tea and St. John wort's extracts to soothe inflammation caused by shaving and friction.


    Céleteque DermoScience Brightening Alcohol-Free Toner, P135, Robinsons Supermarket

  3. Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

    The number one thing that you should address when you're worried about chicken skin is hydration. The Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion has four (!!!) types of hyaluronic acid that can boost moisture and soften the skin. Plus, its formula is pH-balance and is free of alcohol, mineral oils, and colorants—you're sure that it's safe for delicate skin.

    Best Toners for Underarms
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    Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion, P685, Watsons

  4. A'pieu Madecassoside Fluid

    If you often shave, pluck, or wax underarm hair, chances are, the skin has gone through a beating. Repair the damage with this toner-essence that's enriched with Cica (or Centella Asiatica), an ingredient that calms down the inflammation, speeds up the wound-healing process, and nourishes the skin.

    Best Toners for Underarms

    A'pieu Madecassoside Fluid, P695, Lazada


  5. The Inkey List Polyhydroxy Acid Toner

    Exfoliation is key when you want to brighten discoloration. Toners with AHA and BHA are known to be potent exfoliants, but if you're looking something gentler, opt for a PHA formula. This has the same polishing benefits—it can fade dark spots, smoothen out texture, and address uneven skin tone—without the risk of skin irritation.

    Best Toners for Underarms

    The Inkey List Polyhydroxy Acid Toner, P825, Beauty Bar

  6. Pixi Glow Tonic 

    This internet-famous exfoliating toner is known for its excellent benefits: It can brighten uneven skin tone, dissolve layers of dead skin cells, fade dark spots, and smoothen texture. It's also available in many sizes to suit different budgets.

    Best Toners for Underarms

    Pixi Glow Tonic, P390/15ml, P690/40ml; P1,050'100ml; P1,950/250ml, Lazada


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