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How To Make Multiple Ear Piercings Look Stylish, According To Heart Evangelista

We're THISCLOSE to getting multiple ear piercings.
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Heart Evangelista is no stranger to accessorizing like a true fashion kween, and lately, we've had our eye on how she's been dressing up her multiple ear piercings. Honestly, seeing how she does it is convincing us to go for piercing #2 (or 3! or 4!).

The fashionista has three piercings on each lobe, and we think she has certainly mastered the art of balancing ear candy. We love how she mixes statement earrings with minimalist studs!

If you are still undecided whether multiple ear piercings are worth a shot (get it?) or not, take a look at how Heart styled her earrings:

1. Match your main earring with your lippie!

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2. Pearls, bling, and logomania... oh my!

3. Multiple hoops? Why not?

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4. Lovely shades of pink and red jewels make our hearts skip a beat.

5. Wearing rubies on your ears and neck sure looks good on you, Heart.

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6. A camellia flower bud looks prettier with a tiny sparkling stud!

7. Balance OTT lantern earrings with a minimalist stud.

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8. Heart artfully put on her earrings based on length to make her piercings look ~pleasing~ to the eyes.

9. This one is clever: Match your earrings with your hairclips!

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