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Have You Ever Heard Of A 'Butt Facial?'

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If you thought vagacials are crazy, then I would like to report that butt facials exist. Just like the pore-clearing procedure done on your face, a butt facial is meant to clear clogged pores, remove dead skin buildup, even out pigmentation, and dissolve bumpy skin. BTW, a butt facial is not only for those who love wearing bikinis—it's for everyone who has a booty! Think about it: We sit on it all day, so we owe our buttocks some TLC.

In the US, skin centers already offer this service, but here in the Philippines, butt facials are labeled in the service menu as a "body scrub" or under a particular brightening treatment. This procedure may cost thousands of pesos, but if you're matipid and practical, you may try these DIY methods:

  1. Lather with a gentle body wash and a bath mitt.

    A simple routine you can do every day is to scrub your bum with a bath mitt while you shower. To avoid irritation, lather with a gentle body wash.

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  2. Use glycolic pads once a week.

    The main culprit of bumpy skin and buttne is dead skin buildup. To unclog the pores without spreading bacteria, swipe a chemical exfoliating pad on the area once a week.

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  3. Try a brightening salt scrub.

    While in the shower, gently massage an anti-bacterial salt scrub on your bum to free the buildup stuck on the skin and to prevent pimples from forming. We recommend the A BONNE 2in1 Spa Milk Salt Shower Formula because of its brightening abilities.

  4. Give booty masking products a shot.

    If you're serious about having a pretty bum, try products made for the booty. The Love Your Butt Booty Scrub is enriched with caffeine, which makes the skin extra firm, reducing the appearance of cellulite. The Love Your Butt Booty Balm, on the other hand, keeps your booty smooth and supple.

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    Love Your Butt Booty Balm And Scrub, P499, Love Brown PH Instagram

Additional, but necessary: Prevent butt chafing.

Friction and sweat are the main culprits of buttne and darkening. To prevent this, sprinkle anti-chafing powder on your bum and wear seamless panties.

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