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Here's How You Can Do A 'Vagacial,' In Case You're Curious

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We know vagina sheet masks exist, but we never realized you could go the extra mile and do a full-blown facial down their. As in, a vagacial. Coined from the words "vagina" and "facial," a vagacial focuses on taking out anything that clogs the pores down there—whether it's dirt or ingrown hair—to score silky smooth skin.

Pubic hair is coarse and curly, which makes it prone to grow inward, but doing a vagacial will protect you from developing ingrown hair. Plus, the routine brightens the singit, too! Take note, a vagacial is just concentrated on the outer area of the vagina, aka the vulva, so you don't need to "disturb" the vagina's ~*natural*~ environment.

We first read about a vagacial on international fashion websites, but recently, we saw a *detailed* vagacial tutorial from YouTuber ThatsIndi. She taught women how to get a smoother vulva, and as of writing, the video has garnered a million views! If you're curious on how she does it, keep on reading!

(Ed's note: She released a disclaimer that she's not a doctor or an aesthetician—we shouldn't take her tips as profesh advice. It is important to use products that won't harm your vagina. Steer clear of items with harsh fragrances and sulfates, as these may affect the healthy bacteria environment of your V.)

  1. Wash with a mild cleanser.

    Indi used a castile soap with tea tree oil to cleanse the area. Tea tree oil is Mother Nature's anti-bacterial treatment, and it can heal clogged pores caused by ingrown hairs. If you can't find a similar product, you may also opt for a feminine wash with witch hazel to soothe the skin.

  2. Exfoliate with caution.

    In the video, she waxed her pubic hair before exfoliating, but, an aesthetician left a comment saying that scrubbing should go first to avoid irritation. Indi concocted her own sugar scrub, but you can try this one from St. Ives, which can remove layers of dead skin cells while nourishing the vulva's surface. Tip: Look for a gentle scrub!


  3. Wax, never shave.

    Indi isn't in favor of shaving pubic hair because this method increases the chances of having ingrown hair. She advised women to get professionally waxed or to DIY it wth sugaring wax kit.

  4. Tweeze the leftover hairs out.

    To take out remaining ingrown hair, Indi first steamed the vulva to open up the pores. (If you don't have a facial steamer, try a towel soaked in warm water and pat it on the area.) Then, she plucked them out individually with a pointed tweezer. PSA: Please make sure your tools are clean and strelized before doing this step.


  5. Treat the affected area.

    Plucked out ingrown hairs are basically open pores. To prevent infection, Indi applied a healing toner on the area. We recommend something mild like this one from COSRx.

  6. Mask it!

    Just like your face, your vulva deserves a ~mask~, too! Indi made her own turmeric mask. Turmeric is an anti-inflammotory and brightening ingredient—dark singit, be gone! Instead of making your own concoction, try this jelly mask available in the market.

What do you think? Do you see yourself doing a vagacial anytime soon? If you want to know how it's done, watch the whole video for an in-depth look:


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