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Hyeri Got Her First Ear Piercings At 27, And Her Experience Is So Funny

She kept backing out the whole time, LOL!
Hyeri Got Her Ears Pierced At 27 Years Old
PHOTO: YouTube/Hyeri

While many of us have gotten our ears pierced as babies or children, Hyeri had her ears pierced for the first time at 27 years old! She shared on her latest vlog that she's been putting it off because she's scared. She also mentioned that she used clip-in earrings in her Girl's Day appearances and performances.

She filmed the whole experience from start to finish, and it's interesting to note that you could learn a lot from her video if you plan on getting additional ear piercings as an adult. Here are some that stood out:

  1. Gold earrings produce smaller holes, while Titanium earrings create bigger holes.
  2. Lobe piercings are painful because you're still poking a hole at your skin.
  3. It's highly recommended that you skip alcoholic drinks and medicine before getting your ears pierced. Also, make sure you had a good night's sleep, too!

BTW Hyeri was so cute and funny the whole time. She kept on saying that her sister, Hyerim, should go first—she also thought of backing out, LOL! Watch the whole vlog to see more of Hyeri's antics of delaying her turn to get her ears pierced:


Hyeri Vlog | getting my first ears pierced in 27 years

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