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The Most Popular Ear Piercings To Get, Other Than On Your Lobe

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Here at, we are ~obsessed~ with piercings—we think there’s nothing prettier than a blinged-out ear. If you’re just like us and you’re thinking about getting your ears pierced again but you want to branch out to the other parts of your ear, read on!

Your ear provides a pretty huge surface area to serve as your canvas. Here are the most popular ear piercings to get (other than on your lobe):

What is the most basic type of ear piercing I can get?

Lobe piercings are the most basic kind you could get and is most probably the one you got when you were still a kid. This piercing is on the fleshy area of the ear, so it's the least painful. They also heal the fastest—you’ll barely be able to feel any pain or soreness after six to 10 weeks. This piercing is also very versatile once completely recovered. You can choose a variety of jewelry for your lobe piercing, such as hoops or studs.

How do I get my ears pierced?

There are two ways to get your ears punctured: With a hollow needle or a piercing gun. The former is available at tattoo and piercing shops at a higher price point, while the latter is most commonly offered in mall kiosks at a low cost.

While a piercing gun service is much cheaper, it can cause more harm than good to your ears. A piercing gun uses blunt force to jam the earring in place, which can cause the cartilage of your ear to be shattered. It will also pinch the jewelry in place for a snug fit, but this actually won’t let your piercing breathe and heal properly.


How many times can I get my ears pierced in one sitting?

According to Kenneth Abad, a professional tattoo artist and body piercer at 55 Tinta, it doesn’t matter how many piercings you plan to get in one sitting as long as you can handle it. What's important is how you take care of them afterward. He suggests, however, to just get them in one ear first so you won't have a hard time while you snooze—you can't sleep on the side of a new piercing.

What are the other kinds of ear piercings I can get aside from the lobe?

  1. Helix

    When people decide to get ~more~ piercings, the helix is a popular choice. It is placed along the upper ear area and is considered a cartilage piercing. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it isn't as painful as the other piercing points (which we'll discuss later). You may feel some slight pressure once the needle is inserted, but that’s it. It does take longer to heal than your regular lobe piercings—about three to six months—so make sure to strictly follow your piercer’s aftercare tips.

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  2. Industrial

    One of the more intricate-looking piercings, the industrial is composed of two piercings connected by a single piece of jewelry. One of the holes is usually placed in the forward helix while the other one is at the back of the ear. This piercing usually calls for barbell-type jewelry. Healing usually takes six to eight months, so you have to be more careful with its aftercare. It is more prone to tugging and bumps due to the placement of the holes.

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  3. Conch

    The conch is a piercing that is done on the inner part of your ear. Its name was derived from the section of the ear that resembles conch seashells. Though this spot is perfect for hoop jewelry, most piercers would recommend starting out with a stud to avoid irritation and tugging, but it can be swapped out after six months.

  4. Rook

    If you’re going for a more ~unusual~ placement for your piercing, try a rook. It is placed in the inner part of the ear, so it’s not as prone to tugging as the other piercings are. For this one, you may opt to swap out your stud with a bead ring or a curved barbell once it heals after six to nine months, depending on how well you care for it.

  5. Tragus

    For a more subtle piercing, the tragus is your best bet. It is placed in the little flap in front of your ear canal, so it is not seen immediately when you are facing forward.  It can be difficult to pierce if your tragus is thick, but in the hands of a professional piercer, it should not be a problem. You might feel a tiny bit of pressure once the needle pierces your cartilage, but it will immediately be gone before you can even process it. The end result is a pretty piercing that is perfect if you’re into ~minimalism~.

  6. Daith

    IMHO, the daith is one of the prettiest piercings to have, due to its placement and versatility. Some people even believe it can relieve migraines! This is, however, one of the more challenging ones to get as it is placed in the inner part of your ear, so make sure to go to a professional piercer. After two to three months of healing, you can go ahead and sport a pretty hoop or curved barbell in it.

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  7. Orbital

    One of the more ~unconventional~ piercings, the orbital kind of looks like the industrial’s younger sibling. Instead of puncturing the cartilage area, the piercings are usually placed on the lobe. It is essentially two piercings that are connected by one jewelry. It looks super low-key and pretty!

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