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Here's The Touching Meaning Behind Angelika And Mika Dela Cruz's Matching Tattoos

It's also Angelika's first ink.
PHOTO: Instagram/angelikadelacruz

When Angelika Dela Cruz decided to get her first tattoo, she asked her sister Mika to accompany her, along with Orion Casareo (her husband) and Nash Aguas (her sister's boyfriend), who both got inked, too. Angelika documented everything in her vlog. 

She was nervous at the beginning, but when it was her turn, she was super chill! And although it was her first time, she got two tattoos: one at the back of her right ear to match Mika's—who already got inked back in July 2019, and another placed on her right arm.

Both tattoos have deep meanings: Her arm ink is Orion's Belt, which is dedicated to her husband, Orion. Her matching tattoo with Mika is a hand sign with two fingers pointing up. Angelika revealed that their sibling tatts were inspired by a photo of their late brother Edward.

Edward passed away in 2010 because of a fatal vehicular accident. Angelika and Mika's matching tattoos symbolize that their brother will never be forgotten and will always be loved.

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