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Once More, With Peeling: 7 Places to Get a Glycolic Peel

These budget-friendly clinics will give you smoother skin ASAP!

Suffering from congested pores and rough skin? We think you need a little R&R—and a glycolic peel is the answer!

So what is it, really? A glycolic peel is a chemical treatment used to smoothen and even out the skin's texture. As we age, our skin loses its ability to slough off dead skin cells naturally, causing it to look dry and flaky. Getting a glycolic peel regularly helps with the exfoliation process and clears up acne on zit-prone skin.

"If your skin has a lot of acne, it's best to get weekly treatments. Otherwise, getting a chemical peel once a month is fine," says Dr. Zaidy Zagala, MD, a general physician at the Belo Medical Group.

Want clearer, smoother skin? Browse through our gallery now and book an appointment at these Cosmo-approved clinics!


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