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ICYMI: Everything That Happened During The Pond's PinkLab Event With Kathryn, Julia, And Heart

It was a day full of skincare tips and fun bonding!
Pond's PinkLab Highlights
PHOTO: Pond's

We certainly missed going to events IRL, and we couldn't believe Pond's and Cosmopolitan Philippines pulled off a fun beauty-filled afternoon that everyone enjoyed right at the comfort of their homes.

On July 30, Pond's, together with Cosmopolitan Philippines, opened the doors of Pond's PinkLab, the first-ever virtual beauty event where almost 3K attendees (!!!) got to learn about skincare, received discounts, and enjoyed cool activities that they could share on social media. It was re-aired from July 31 to August 2 due to insistent public demand.

In case you're having a serious case of FOMO, here are the Pond's PinkLab highlights:

All The Fun Things That Happened During The Pond's x Cosmo PinkLab

  1. Attendees got the best skincare recommendations from the SAL Chatbot.

    For those who are clueless about what to skincare product to get, SAL (Pond's Chatbot) will guide you to the right choice.

  2. Gen Pond's posed for a cute photo at the Pink Studio.

    One of the best things when attending an event is the photobooth! We're happy to report that Pond's PinkLab made it happen. Guests posed for a selfie with a cute frame as ~*proof*~ that they were a part of the event. Very cute for IG, tbh!


  3. Pond's gave away huge discounts!

    Of course, as a thank you to Gen Pond's, they can get Pond's products at up to a 30 percent discount on Shopee, Lazada, and Watsons. Attendees also earned U-Coins whenever they finished an activity.

  4. Guests watched their fave celebs talk about skincare and their fave Pond's products.

    The peak of the afternoon was the Skin Masterclass and Coaching sessions! Pond's girls Julia Barretto, Heart Evangelista, and Kathryn Bernardo shared their most-loved Pond's products. Dermatologists Dr. Mara Evangelista-Huber and Dr. Francesca Sy-Alvarado gave the best skincare advice. Cosmopolitan Editors Retty Contreras and Ira Nopuente, plus Cosmo Vibe Tribe Vivien Nelsen, added more fun to the beauty chat. Pond's Brand Manager, Cyvil Viloria-Alcaneses officially opened the event.

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    Pond's PinkLab Hydration Masterclass with Julia Barretto, Cosmopolitan Managing Editor Retty Contreras, and Cosmo Vibe Tribe Vivien Neilsen
    Pond's PinkLab Anti-Aging Coaching Session with Heart Evangelista, Cosmopolitan Managing Editor Retty Contreras, and Dr. Mara Evangelista-Huber
    Pond's PinkLab Brightening Masterclass with Kathryn Bernardo, Cosmopolitan Beauty Editor Ira Nopuente, and Dr. Francesca Sy-Alvarado
  5. Pond's introduced their new products!

    Julia divulged in the Hydration Masterclass that she's been obsessed with the Pond's Healthy Hydration range. The new product lineup boosts the skin's hydration to keep the skin looking plump and feeling soft.

    Pond's Healthy Hydration Range: Watermelon Hydrating Jelly Moisturizer, Aloe Vera Hydrating Jelly Cleanser and Jelly Moisturizer, Orange Nectar Hydrating Jelly Cleanser and Jelly Moisturizer, Vitamin Duo Plumping Sheet Mask Vitamin B6 and Tomato, Vitamin Duo Brightening Sheet Mask Vitamin C & Pineapple, and Vitamin Duo Nourishing Sheet Mask Vitamin E and Avocado.


    Kathryn revealed the secret to her glowing skin: The Pond's Bright Triple Glow Serum. It has Gluta Boost C which is proven to be 60x to better than vitamin C in brightening the skin tone and fading dark spots. The tiny bottle also has hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, aka all the things you need to get a radiant complexion.


  6. Gen Pond's learned a lot about the new Pond's lineup in the ~*Glow*~ Clinic.

    In case attendees wanted to learn more about the latest drops, they could check out the Glow Clinic which contains all the info about the new products.

  7. Wendy of Red Velvet was revealed as the new Pond's Girl!

    Just like Kathryn, Wendy of Red Velvet is now a Pond's Girl. You can get the same K-beauty glass skin glow when you add the Pond's Bright Triple Glow Serum to your routine.


  8. There was a fun game + giveaway!

    Host Samm Alvero and Cosmo Editors Retty and Ira held a pop quiz to make the virtual event more interactive. They asked questions about the ~skinformation~ discussed in the Hydration and Brightening Skin Masterclass sessions.


    Pond's is giving away the exclusive, Pond’s PinkLab kit! All you have to do is: Get creative and take pics or vids of you stacking your Pond’s skincare stash then share it on your feed or stories + tag us and make sure your account is set to public! Follow @pondsph on Instagram, and comment "done" on this post! (Bonus points: You can get extra chances of winning if you tag a friend and ask them to follow Pond's, too!)

    The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on Pond's Instagram Stories on August 10, 2021.


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