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Want To Look ~*Super Cute*~ In Your Next Selfie? Try These Easy Tips!

From makeup tips to the most photogenic poses!
How to take cute selfies
PHOTO: (1) Instagram/nadine, (2) Mixi Ignacio, (3) Instagram/elissejosonn

I confess: I like posting cute pics of myself on Instagram because I want to. As a good friend from the BCU from Clubhouse would say "nagmamaganda." I mean, there is really nothing wrong with feeling yourself on Insta—it's your account after all. 

Unlike before, I could still go out and dress up. My photo's background would vary from cozy cafés to interesting murals. But now, staying in is a priority so my bedroom has become a makeshift mini studio for my pics. I had to be creative because I usually just have a white wall behind me.

I think after much trial and error, my selfies look more interesting than how I did them in early 2020. I'm not saying I'm a selfie expert but I've got secrets I want to share! Here are some you can try:

  1. I take selfies near the window.

    Natural lighting is best. In the Thirst Trap 101 guide, it was discussed that taking pics early in the morning and during golden hour creates the best contours on the face and body. 

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    Nadine Lustre golden hour selfie
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  2. Or try flash photography.

    I grew up reading magazines so fashion editorials with flash photography have always fascinated me. I love the stark lighting contrast and the effortlessly cool vibe of it.

    Elisse Joson wearing a green swimsuit
  3. Wear lightweight makeup.

    Girl, you are beautiful so let your natural beauty shine through. Plus, it's hot in the Philippines so thick makeup might melt on your face while you're getting that one shot. Your best bet is lightweight products with breathable formulas.

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    I personally like wearing tinted moisturizer and cream blush to make my complexion appear healthy. For my brows, I prefer to use a tinted brow gel so my kilay doesn't look so drawn in. A glossy lip stain seals the deal!

    (Ed's note: There's nothing wrong with looking polished and glam, too, but I'm discussing how to look effortlessly cute on your selfies in this story.)

    affordable makeup products to try for a fresh makeup look
    Ira Nopuente

  4. Go for photogenic hairstyles.

    You can never go wrong with photogenic hairstyles; I assure you! Some examples are side-part hairstyles, soft waves, layered haircuts, and face-framing braids. The more undone your tresses look, the better.

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    Andrea Brillantes deep side part hairstyle with headband

  5. Relax and be patient.

    Your facial expression shows what you're feeling. Don't take each pose seriously. Just have fun while doing your mini home photoshoot, Here are some poses that will never fail you:

    Hand on the chin

    Julia Barretto selfie

    The dreamy pose - close your eyes and think of happy thoughts

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    Ashley Colet dreamy selfie

    The head tilt - This is super-easy pose that looks so photogenic!

    seflie pose: the head tilt
    Mixi Ignacio

    The subtle pout - Say the word "prune" and give your sexiest smize.

    Kim Cruz selfie
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    The shy girl - Get a random object like a book, phone, or flower to cover half of your face.

    How to pose with a flower stem - Sue Ramirez

  6. If all else fails, try the Instagram filter.

    I love discovering new filters on Instagram. They make your IG Stories and feed posts look aesthetically pleasing. I highly recommend that you save these effects: Paperlike, FAVSnormal, dreamy, and y2k cyber.

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