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10 Pretty Summer-Themed Tattoos For Beach Babes

Love the beach? You'll want everything.
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Back in the day, tattoos were viewed as a sign of ~*rebellion.*~ Now, tattoos are a great way to show off your quirky personality, beliefs, and even your interests—like your love for the summer. Thinking of getting yourself inked? Check out these pretty tatts that are fun and chic!

  1. Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo).

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  2. Nothing spells summer season more than palm trees!

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  3. Feeling frisky? Turn your palm tree tattoo into a full-blown island tatt.

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  4. Into the sea we go, down to the world I know

  5. Show your beachy love with a cool starfish tattoo.

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  6. You can bet a seashell tatt does the trick, too.

  7. Better yet, choose a tropical pineapple ink for a quirky option.

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  8. Opt for a cherry sunflower!

  9. Or a cute dolphin tatt.

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  10. Whether you’re looking for a cute ink or a chic one, a sun setting by a wave is a pretty neat option.

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