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15 Delicate Red Tattoos To Consider If You Want Something ~*Different*~

They look so chic!
Red ink tattoo designs
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/lia_november, Instagram/little.tattoos

While black tattoos will never go out of style, more and more tattoo artists are using different colors on their clients that make for very unique body art—one of which is red! This fiery hue definitely stands out and contrasts nicely against our Pinay complexion. Something to note, though, is that unlike black ink, red has a tendency to fade faster. This is why it's important to always apply sunscreen over it and have it retouched every few years to maintain its vibrancy. That said, we went ahead and listed down 15 of the cutest designs for your perusal:

  1. No red tattoo roundup would be complete without Heart Evangelista's tiny heart ink—it's just too cute!

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  2. This red script tattoo is conveniently placed in a ~cheeky~ location.

  3. This detailed butterfly looks so dainty!

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  4. Place your tattoo on your hip if you want to be more low-key.

  5. We're obsessed with delicate rosebud tattoo.

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  6. If you're not totally sold on using only red ink, you can incorporate it with black!

  7. Figure line tattoos are perf for minimalists.

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  8. Get these matching cherry tattoos with your BFF!

  9. Flowers are always a no-fail design.

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  10. For a more ~subtle~ placement, have your tattoo done on your finger.

  11. We are so down for replacing jewelry with tattoos!

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  12. This flower tattoo looks so delicately done.

  13. If you're ~so done~ with basic heart tatts, why not get its anatomical design?

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  14. This flame ring tattoo looks *so* cool.

  15. As much as we love delicate lines, thick ones work well, too!

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