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Tiny Red Tattoos Are The Must-Have Ink For 2019

We can’t wait to get our own!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/_tan_tattoo, (RIGHT) Instagram/nothingwildtattoo

Black tattoos will never "go out of style," but this year, tattoo artists are predicting more people will want to get colored ink like ~*red*~! Unlike white tattoos which offer an invisible finish, red is just as bold as black ink, but it gives an edgier effect due to its fiery shade. And the best part is getting one is just as simple as having a black tatt done! (Ed's Note: Red ink is one of the fastest colors to fade. To ensure it looks vibrant for a long time, always keep the area moisturized and apply sunscreen every time you go out to protect it!)

If you're already looking for a design for your future red tattoo, here are some worth saving on Instagram!

The circular and puffy shape of the cloud is cute AF.

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If you already have a white tatt, put a red one beside it to make them both stand out!

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We love us some detailed flower tattoos, but this simple floral design is TDF.

Give your tiger stripes some love by decorating it with a quote written in cursive.

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Who here loves an ironic tattoo? Lightning bolts are loud and powerful, yet this one is so small and adorable!

This heart-shaped cherry tattoo looks so sweet!

Miss having an anklet? Get it tattooed!

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