Can Getting Regular Facials Prevent Acne? Here's What A Pinoy Dermatologist Has To Say About It

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We are often told that in addition to our regular skincare routine, we should also ~splurge~ on regular facials to further purge our skin of dirt, whiteheads, and blackheads. This way, we can get a nice, healthy glow. But just how effective is this treatment in keeping your acne at bay? Is it okay to book regular sessions as a way of treating pimples?

All these questions and more were answered by dermatologist Dr. Winlove Mojica, aka The Skin Sensei, on his latest YouTube video. Read on to find out everything we learned:

First of all, what are facials?

Facials are treatments that are a step above your usual skincare routine. Its basic steps include steaming, cleansing, masking, exfoliating, extraction, and massaging.

They are usually done at beauty spas or derma clinics, though the former usually just deals with superficial complexion issues such as dullness or mild breakouts. The latter, on the other hand, covers more serious concerns like eczema and extreme acne. (P.S. Here's everything you need to know before getting your first facial.)

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What happens during facial treatments?

Usually, an esthetician will direct steam to your face to open up your pores and promote blood circulation. This step will make whiteheads and blackheads easier to remove. Then, they will massage a special mask on your face before they prick the clogged pores with a comedone extractor.

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So, are you supposed to get regular facials as a way of treating acne?

According to Dr. Winlove, it depends. Not everyone benefits from getting regular facials. It's still better to consult a dermatologist to find out the true state of your skin so you can be prescribed with the proper medicine (never self-medicate!). If you, however, want to continue facials as ~maintenance~ for your skin, then, by all means, do so.

Watch the rest of Dr. Winlove's informative video here:

Regular Facials as Acne Treatment: True or False | The Skin Sensei

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