Sample Room: Try Before You Buy

The more you review, the more points you get. And points can get you fab new products to sample!

Try before you buy—Sample Room’s tag line says it all. The modern day consumer is getting smarter—gone are the days when mere advertising can persuade a woman to go out and buy a product, and Sample Room recognizes this.

“Beauty boxes” aim to equip its customers with ample knowledge about certain products by sending samples, so that buyers know whether they're  worth purchasing or not. 

Sample Room, however, is different from your typical beauty box as it incorporates a point system. Upon registering, points are gained (100 to be exact) and used to select products to try out for free. You just have to pay for the shipping and handling fees, which are usually a fraction of how much the products cost. After receiving the bag (delivered to your doorstep!), you write a review about the products that you have tested. It is through rating and reviewing these products that more points are gained, so you can select new beauty goodies to try out!

What’s great about Sample Room’s system is not only do you get to try the products before buying, but you can also read what other people think about them. You become well-informed, so you’re absolutely sure if purchasing a full-sized product is worth it.

For more information, visit Sample!

View our gallery to see some examples (and quick reviews) of what you can order from Sample Room.

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