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8 Signs You Need To Visit A Dermatologist

If you're experiencing any of these, better book that appointment now!
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It's never a good thing to Google your skin ailments, because you'll end up paranoid af, which leads to self-medication (and worsening your condition)—eventually leading you to book a doctor's appointment anyway.

If you're exhibiting one of these skin signs, ditch those creams and lotions you've been using and give the nearest dermatologist's clinic a call.

1. You've had a rash for over a week

You may have eczema, psoriasis, or god knows what! If it's constantly itchy and scratching makes it worse, it's time to see your doctor.

2. You have sudden skin flare ups

This could be related to stress or a change in environment. Whatever the cause is, it could be related to the rash you have.

3. Your skin is too sensitive

Having a hard time finding the right skincare products that won't turn you into a tomato? Then there's no one better to help you out.

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4. Your skin is suddenly breaking out

If you've had clear skin for as long as you can remember and you notice that you suddenly have a large batch of pimples, you should get them checked out.

5. Your acne isn't getting any better

If your current acne treatment is a no-go, tell your doctor too so that he or she can prescribe a new type of medication. Who knows, the next one might be a winning formula!

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6. You're not sure if your acne IS acne

It could be allergies masquerading as acne or fungal acne, which is harder to treat! If you're doubting that your pimples are really what they are and all your current skincare treatments aren't working, go and have them checked to find out. There's no harm in making sure, right?

7. You have a sunburn that isn't healing

Getting a sunburn is not healthy. But it should start to properly heal within a few days and then begin peeling. If it isn't, you need a doctor's opinion!

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8. You're losing a lot of hair

If you're not stressed, or if you haven't changed anything in your haircare routine but are still losing a lot of hair, don't wait until it gets worse.

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