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Try Skin Gritting To Get Rid Of Blackheads

It's not as scary as it sounds.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Oh, the things you can discover on Reddit! The SkincareAddiction forum is a particular gold mine—you'll want to spend hours reading about skincare hacks and mishaps, from a guy who got a plastic microbead stuck in his pore to a guide on the different kinds of cuts and wounds (WTF?). One of the most popular threads right now, though, is about a method called "skin gritting," which apparently gets rid of ~all~ your blackheads.

The sub-Reddit reports that skin gritting requires the use of an oil cleanser, followed by a clay mask, and then another round of oil cleansing. You gently massage "against the grain of your skin" to help dislodge the blackheads in your pores. Trust us when we say that feeling the grainy grime coming out is super satisfying. Extracting all your blackheads is fun, isn't it?

BUT you have to be careful about massaging your skin: Glamour reports that over-scrubbing could make your skin red and pigmented, and give it micro-cuts.

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If you're still game to try this new method at home—hey, as long as you're careful, right?—here are our product recommendations:

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