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5 Skin Treatments You Can Try During The Break

PHOTO: Nick Onken

If you're one of the lucky ones whose office is closing for the holidays, you know what that means: More time to treat yo' self, aka pamper your skin! Below, we have a list of facials and treatments you can do to end the year on a ~*relaxing*~ note.

  1. Skin icing

    This classic skincare hack is always raved about by celebrities for its de-puffing and revitalizing effects. The cool temps of the ice cube can ~wake up the skin~ and leave a healthy glow
    Cost: Free!

  2. DIY facial

    There a ton of DIY face mask recipes that can cater to your complexion's needs. For a really yummy treat, mix ingredients you luuuv to eat: Bananas and oatmeal make a soothing and nourishing face pack, while combining yogurt and honey will create an acne-fighting mask.
    Cost: P25 to P50

  3. Glycolic facial

    This is one of the best ways to give your complexion a deep clean. It uses, you guessed it, glycolic acid to melt blackheads and whiteheads. Take note, though, this treatment should only be done by a professional. 
    Cost: P1,500  to P2,000

  4. Laser hair removal

    Been meaning to get your underarms lasered? The long break is the perfect time to start the first of many sessions. Just make sure that your dermatologist is not going on holiday, too! (Ed's note: You'll need a minimum of six sessions to see the full effect.)
    Cost: P1,500 to P2,500 per session

  5. A warm bath

    Draw yourself a bath and surround yourself with bubbles, candles, and lots of chocolate. Just enjoy your time in the tub, don't rush into anything, and give your body a little self-love. ;) 
    Cost: Nada


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