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Summer Skin Care: Healthy Fun Under The Sun

Wherever you go this season, be sure you're armed with sun protection essentials for an awesome, worry-free summer vacay.
We're one month into the season that you, sun-loving Cosmo readers, have been waiting all year for. You've probably been to a beach trip or two, and are probably looking forward to more in the next couple of months. After all, the best thing about summer is the prospect of spending hours lounging by the seashore as crashing waves serenade you into slumber, or even gearing up in your fasyon sporty outfit and trying every possible outdoor activity and sport that your schedule, budget, and stamina would permit.

Yes, all these sound fun and relaxing, but we know we can't remind you enough that soaking up on too much sun without protection may lead to painfully burnt skin and, in the long run, result to sun damage and premature aging. So be sure to put on products that contain a high level of SPF, not only on your body, but most importantly on parts that are directly touched by the sun: your forehead, nose, cheeks, shoulders, arms, and even your back and legs if you're in a bikini.

Making sunscreen application a regular habit is already the first step toward great sun protection. But know that there are a variety of sun skin care products that target specific parts of your body, taking into consideration each part’s difference in sensitivity level.

If you haven't stocked up on your summer skin care loot yet, we leave you no excuse: click through our gallery of skin care must-haves you must try this long weekend and for the rest of the sunny season.
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