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Women Share The Most Expensive Skincare Product They Bought

P13,000 for sheet masks?!
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We’ll be the first to admit that we’re practically slaves to makeup and skincare products. Our willpower weakens or straight-up flies out of the window in the presence of cute packaging, beautiful pigments, and OMG-inducing innovations. What can we say—resistance is futile.

In a trending thread on the Asian Beauty (AB) Reddit, women ‘fess up about their most extravagant purchases and other crazy-but-not-really experiences we know we can relate to. Read on:

1. Would you spend almost P5,000 on foundation? User laurantaina did, paying around ¥10,000 (P4,630) for foundation by luxury Japanese brand Suquu. “Honestly I spend all my money on AB one way or another, but I'm okay with eating only beans and spaghetti for weeks and weeks...” she rationalized. LOL!

2. “Vintner's Daughter serum has [been] crowned the most expensive skincare item in my stash, also the most recent purchase,” bongsunthecat revealed. That’s the Active Botanical Serum, priced at $185 (P8,595) for a 30ml bottle. Much has been said about this face oil, which contains all sorts of botanicals and essential oils, but we’re still trying to absorb that crazy sticker tag.

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3. User zulacar said she has spent $276.54 (P12,848) this year on sheet masks alone. “This figure includes hydrogels and regular sheet masks—as well as all masks that I bought to give as gifts,” she shared. The most expensive item in her routine, however, goes to the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask, priced at $162 (P7,527) for 60ml. “Love how luxe it feels, and will repurchase, but ultimately, not worth the price,” she summed up. As for an Asian beauty product, she paid $60 (P2,788) for Amore Pacific’s Treatment Enzyme Peel. But she wouldn’t buy it again because “while they are effective, they are disproportionately pricey compared to the other AB products that I use.”

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4. “Holy Snails Megalodon at $90 (P4,181),” libertysince05 said. The product name got us super curious, so we did a quick Google search. As it turns out, this is a limited edition item by chemist and beauty blogger Chel of Holy Snails. It’s an upsized 100ml version of her best-selling serum, Shark Sauce, which helps lighten dark spots and brighten dull complexions!

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5. For C_Chrono, it’s high-end Korean brand Sulwhasoo’s Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum. This retails for $150 (P6,969), but “I shop around like a mad person for the lowest price. I've not paid more than $70 for it so far.” Again, we did a little snooping around and learned that this anti-aging serum aims to revitalize and hydrate the skin, and lessen the appearance of deep wrinkles.

6. Stardustcross echoed our sentiments when it comes to things that are too ~*pretty*~ to turn down. “My money's probably going down the drain because I buy multiple things that I don't need, like I have three full-sized wash-off masks I need to work through because I couldn't resist buying them. A small stock-pile of sunscreens. And a boatload of masks.... I'll get through them!!!” Send them our way!

7. Splitting her money between Asian and Western products, CloudRae uses Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, which is priced at $92 (P4,274) for a 50ml bottle. “It lasts basically a year so it's justifiable for me,” she said. Sheet masks come second: “While individually they aren't expensive, I usually bulk order them for the year so it usually ends up being +$100.”

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