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Tiny Tattoos You Can Wear On Your Wrist

Get inspired.
PHOTO: Instagram/laystattoo

The wrist is a good area to have your ink done because you'll always get to flaunt and see your tattoo. If you're planning to get one, check out these design inspirations:

1. This one is great for every girl who loves to travel.

2. Tiny stars give off a subtle rockstar vibe.

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3. If you're into fashion design, you'll get this ink!

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4. A floral garland tattoo is a good sub for a bracelet.

5.  When coffee is life:

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6. This can be a great couple tattoo when you're in an LDR.

7.  Quotation mark tattoos may represent the fact that life is unscripted. 

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8. To remind you to always hope for the best:

9. A cute design you can try if you love your pet so much!

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10.  A beating heart may signify that life goes on as long as you're still breathing.

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