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The Best Tips You Need To Know About Caring For Your Vagina

Treat your lady parts right. ;)
PHOTO: Nick Onken

We all know that the vagina is self-cleaning, but certain habits can still lead to infection, nasty ingrown hairs, or even STIs! If you want to avoid these, read on for our roundup of the best vagina-caring tips we learned in 2017.

Treat ingrown hairs with acne cream.

Ingrown hairs can lead to pus-filled bumps, aka acne. To reduce inflammation, dab a bit of pimple-fighting medicine on the area. And don't be tempted to pop it—doing so only leads to infection!

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An exfoliating soap will brighten your singit.

Wearing certain tight clothing and underwear can cause friction in your singit, which leads to darkening. To brighten the area, use a mild exfoliating soap every time you take a shower!

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Always wipe 'front to back.'

This will prevent bacteria from your anus from getting inside your vagina.

Douching is a no-no.

FYI, the outdated form of vaginal cleaning increases your chances of getting cervical cancer, pregnancy complications, and infection.

Trim your pubes before getting waxed.

Trust us, this simple hack will lessen the pain of having your pubic hair waxed.

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Exfoliate before shaving.

To get a ~*smooth*~ finish, lightly exfoliate your vaginal area before you grab the razor.

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Use a natural oil to nourish pubic hair.

Thanks to Emma Watson, we now know that using natural oils on your pubic hair can make it softer and healthier.

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Pee before and after sex

It might ruin the mood if you need to pee while getting it on, but it's better to be safe than sorry. You wouldn't want to get a UTI or bladder spasm, right?

Cotton underwear is the best for sleeping

Some recommend that you go ~*commando*~ during bedtime, but if you don't want to, just wear breathable, cotton undies.

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Sanitize your sex toys.

These are things you insert into your vagina. Of course, they HAVE to be clean.

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