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What's a CC Cream?

Agoo clues us in on the beauty world's latest invention.

Dear Agoo,

I've been using BB Cream for my face for about a year now, and I'm loving the results! I recently checked products online and read rave reviews about CC Creams, however. They sound the same to me, so what's the difference?

Shaina, 26

Hi Shaina!

A CC Cream or Color Control cream is a new and improved version of the BB cream or Blemish/Beauty Balm cream.

A CC cream essentially provides the same benefits as a BB cream but is typically armed with a higher SPF and has a much lighter texture, so the finish is much more natural and translucent-looking. I haven't come across any CC creams here, but I saw an article online recently on the launch of Chanel's CC (Complete Correction) cream.

strong>Love, A

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