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Trendy Tuesdays: Which One Comes First? Facial Moisturizer or Oil?

Is the cold weather drying your skin? We have a solution!

We know you Cosmo girls are pretty confused about whether you should use your facial oil as a substitute for your moisturizer, but the truth is, you can wear both at the same time.


And since it's been really cold for the last couple of days, we're sure y'all are getting dry and flaky skin. To combat that, apply moisturizer all over your face and neck. Seal it in with a couple of drops of your favorite facial oil (we're obsessed with The Souq's 100% Argan Oil and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate!), and go get your beauty sleep!

The oil traps in your moisturizer so it gets absorbed by your skin better. You'll wake up with smoother, softer skin! Plus, the oil actually tricks your skin into thinking it already has a lot of oil, so sebum production decreases. Less sebum production = less acne!

Try it tonight, and let us know how your skin feels in the morning!

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