Why You Should Still Wear Sunscreen Even If It's Raining

Applying SPF is non-negotiable, and you know it.

So what if it's a gloomy day? So what if it's raining outside? You still shouldn't scrimp on sunblock. 

Allow us to get all scientific on you. According to Dr. Kaycee Reyes M.D., D.C.D, M.S.c, of Luminisce Clinic, there are two types of ultraviolet radiation that reach the earth: UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays, which make up 7% of the UV light spectrum, are responsible for your beautiful golden tan and your sunburn. The same rays are also responsible for skin cancer. UVBs usually hit you the most during the hot summer months.

UVA rays, which make up 93% of the UV light spectrum, are the reason for your wrinkles AND skin cancer. And unlike UVB rays, UVAs can go through clouds—hitting you no matter what the weather is.

Okay, we get it. So sunblock is super essential. And once you put it on in the morning, that's pretty much going to last you the entire day, right? Not really, says Dr. Reyes. "The half life of sunblock is only two hours. So no matter how much SPF you slather on in the day, the effect will be gone after four hours," she explains. 

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Okay, go get your sunblock NOW. 

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