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10 *Super Sexy* Ways To Pose In A Bikini, As Seen On Sue Ramirez

It's getting hot in here.
Sue Ramirez bikini poses
PHOTO: Instagram/sueannadoodles

Let's reminisce about the days when it was easy and expected for us to go to the beach during summer. We flood the barkada group chat to plan the trip and look for the most affordable (or Instagrammable) accommodations. We also bring out our bikinis from storage or buy new ones.

Sure, the sun, sand, and good company are the elements of a perfect summer getaway, but posing in our cute bikinis makes everything more fun! sometimes, before our trip, we would practice our bikini poses! Thankfully, we can still do that summer tradition, even if we're just at home or just lounging by a private pool. Sue Ramirez has the best bikini poses, in case you need a peg. She's got the game down pat! Whether you're indoors or by the shore, Sue's IG content has you covered. Take notes from our bikini queen below:

(BTW, you might want to send this Instagram Boyfriend and BFF guide to your S.O. or barkada so they can ~*finally*~ take better pictures of you!)

10 Ways To Pose In A Bikini, As Seen On Sue Ramirez

  1. Match your bikini with your background.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 1
  2. A walking pose should be fairly easy and candid.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 2
  3. Post your pic upside-down for a change.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 3
  4. Add a cute visor to your beach look.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 4
  5. Take advantage of your chill time in the cabana.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 5
  6. Post-swim, snap a pic by the poolside.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 6
  7. Pull up the sides of your bikini bottom to make your legs look longer.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 7
  8. Pose by a blank wall. As simple as that.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 8
  9. Take a pic in the garden to score that legit tropical vibe.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 9
  10. Crop out your face for a low-key sexy pic.

    Sue Ramirez bikini pose 10

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