15 Ways You Can Try The ~Vertical Piercing~ Trend

Make your ears sparkle!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/maria_tash, (RIGHT) Instagram/wklp

2018 has been the year of decorating your ears! First, there was the cluster piercing trend, then came constellation piercings, and now, the new "it" thing is vertical piercings.

Unlike cluster and constellation ear looks, the vertical trend requires stacking piercings on top of each other on your ear lobe. Meaning: Instead of putting a piercing somewhere else, like your rook, the next holes are directly pierced on top of existing ones. This results in a polished and clean look!

See how you can play up your piercings with these ~*designs*~:

  1. Ear lobes decorated with lightning bolts, stars, and moons are so cute.

  2. But you can always mix it up by adding diamonds and geometric earrings, too.

  3. Minimalist hoop earrings can beautifully "wrap" your ear lobes.

  4. Nope, you don't have to stick to gold or silver earrings. You can be creative and add different colors and gems!

  5. You can also opt to use a unique shape for your base earring to make a statement.

  6. Don't you just love how these tiny earrings are precisely stacked on top of each other?

  7. These geometric earrings will surely catch everyone's eye.

  8. Add your birth stone to put a unique spin on your vertical piercing!

  9. Diamonds truly are a girl's best friend.

  10. Sometimes, random pieces of earrings stacked together create a messy cool-girl look.

  11. Include an accent in your piercings to make it pop!

  12. Got a formal occasion to attend? Try this refined vertical look!

  13. It's never a bad idea to use your initials as jewelry. ;)

  14. If you're wondering how you can include pearls into this trend, here's how:

  15. Here's a classy way to wear chain earrings, which, btw, are back!

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