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Did You Know People Specialize In Curating Ear Piercings?

They're called constellation piercings!
PHOTO: Instagram/mickey_pierceyoursoul

Multiple piercings have been the envy of many single-pierced girls such as myself, as well as one of the ultimate pet peeves of ~*strict traditional*~ parents. If you've been meaning to get multiple piercings, and the pain doesn't concern you + the wrath of your extremely Filipino parents isn't an issue, you might be interested in reading on. 

Just like tattoos, there are a variety of piercing designs to choose from if you search online:

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But did you know that body piercers can curate your piercings for you? These kinds of piercings are called "constellation piercings." Like hair stylists, certain body piercers can look at the shape of your ear, your head shape, which side of the bed you sleep on, and even where you part your hair to determine the best piercing style for you.

A team from Buzzfeed's Boldly visited Adrian Castillo in New York, and decided to have him curate their ear piercings. Check out their video below:

Although constellation piercings aren't that popular in the Philippines yet, having them is all a matter of communicating with your body piercer to determine the right kind of design for you. 

You can check out piercers like Adrian and how they design constellation piercings:

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And you can also check out shops that sell unique earring designs, like the ones below:

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