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11 Flicks That Will Get Your Heart Racing This October!

Get ready for screams and sci-fi adventures (plus, Hollywood HUNKS)--check out the films lined up for you this month.

October has arrived, and besides marking the start of a new fashion season, it also brings the anticipation of another celebration: Halloween!

This month, be ready for some bone-chilling movie nights, with horror flicks featuring supernatural forces, mysterious creatures, and extraterrestrial beings! Gather your friends for a good scream as you cower in your local cinema.

For those who aren't keen on bringing on the nightmares, there are also a few comedies and chick flicks coming out. You can also plan a movie date with your guy to watch one of the sci-fi and action flicks rolling this month. And the best part? You've got loads of eye-candy on the big screen! Think Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans, and more!

Launch the gallery to see which films are opening in the upcoming weeks and when you can see them in a theater near you. 

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