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5 Secrets Phil Younghusband Divulged To Cosmo

This 2009 Cosmopolitan Centerfold officially won our hearts when he opened up!
He caught our eye in GMA-7’s singing competition Celebrity Duets Season 2 and various endorsements wherein he appeared after, but Phil Younghusband got us hooked when he made his Cosmo Centerfold debut.

The half-Pinoy, half-English hottie already had a promising career as a pro footballer in the UK, a reserve for the Chelsea team. We’re so lucky this hot athlete decided to make that fateful trip to Manila to join the Philippine Football Team and compete in the 2005 SEA Games! Now he’s one of the hottest male fixtures in the local showbiz circuit—be it on TV, billboards, or TV and print ads.

Cosmo got Phil to divulge five secrets as we shot him for his sizzling Cosmo Centerfold photo. Once you get the dish, click through behind-the-scenes pics from his shoot.

1. He was a bundle of nerves when he did Celebrity Duets.

“[That] time, it was really difficult; it was scary ‘cause obviously I had never sung before, and to do it on national TV [was hard]. But after I’ve done it, I’m glad I did it. It made me experience something other than football. And I got to meet a lot of new different people. I’m happy I did it.

2. He wants to be a recording artist.

“I had a few [singing] lessons recently. I think if I went back to [Celebrity Duets], I’d be a lot better now. It was fun and it was a good experience. I want to release an album. Some people have come up to me saying, ‘When’s your album out?’ I want to do that.”

3. He wants to try acting but thinks his Filipino is not yet good enough to land him a good role.

“It’s difficult because I don’t speak Tagalog. Growing up, I wasn’t exposed to Tagalog, even though my mom is a Filipina. I always thought my future would be football so I never needed to learn the language Tagalog. But I regret that decision and I wish I learned Tagalog. But I took lessons recently and I know more and more each day. It’s difficult. I don’t want to enter a movie or a telenovela where it’s a role I’m not comfortable with. ‘Cause I like the attention, I wanna be the main person, I don’t wanna be some extra in the back doing something stupid. So it depends; I want a good role but again it’s difficult with the language barrier.”

4. He might live in the Philippines for good. Yay!

“My family plans to move here. So I do see myself living here. I still want to visit England for vacation. But yeah, I love the Philippines.”

5. He’s SINGLE!

“I enjoy the fact that the girls give me attention. I’m flattered. But right now I’m trying to concentrate [on] what I want to do in the future and hopefully meet someone special along the way.”

Check out footage from Phil’s Cosmo Centerfold shoot and find out what he thinks of billboards showing him half-naked in this CosmoTV exclusive!

Photo by JC Cerilla
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