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5 Tricks To Nail Your Instagram Shots

Because who doesn't like an awesome looking grid, right?

When you're browsing Instagram, don't you feel the hours just pass by? One minute you're on the Explore page scrolling and the next thing you know you're 52 weeks deep in somebody's feed. Yup, we know exactly how that happens because we've experienced it, too! 

Because we're obsessed with Instagram stalking, we've picked up a few tricks on why a post stands out from the rest. If you're looking to improve your feed, then scroll down to learn a thing or two!

Work in progress. Working on a painting or a typography piece? Lay out your materials on the floor or on your desk for that behind-the-scenes look.

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Back to black. Instead of a stark white background, why not use a darker setup instead? Especially when you're taking a photo of bright accessories.

Beautiful mess. Tie together a mishmash of different items with a neutral element like your favorite magazine opened to a non-busy spread. Plus points if it's in the same color family!

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Animal instincts. Use your pet as a model! 100% cruelty-free.

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Photo inception. Take a photo of a photo (or several photos). So meta!

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