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52 Out Of 59 Pinoy Nurses Recruited For Work In UK Fail English Test

They can try again.

"Fifty-two out of 59 nurses recruited in Manila for a job in Medway Maritime Hospital in the United Kingdom have failed an English language test, stalling their employment," reports ABS-CBN News.

The recruitment is "part of a plan to bring [202] nurses from the Philippines to work in Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent."

UK-based The Times notes: "Applicants from non-European Union countries have to take an English language test set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, testing the oral, reading, writing and listening skills of applicants."

James Devine, the executive director of the Medway NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the Maritime Hospital, explains the importance of the English language proficiency test: "As part of our own selection process, we ensure that candidates are able to communicate effectively with patients and each other."

According to BBC, the NHS Trust said the failed candidates intend to retake the tests. The other 143 candidates are still taking the tests or waiting for the results.

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