9 Reasons Why Olivia Munn aka X-Men's Psylocke Is Our Geeky Girl Crush

For one, she's got the brains to match her beauty. YUP.
PHOTO: Lia Toby/WENN.com

1. No one rocks a mutant onesie quite like Olivia Munn. Damn, she’s pretty fit! And she kicks major butt wearing that number, too!

2. She’s pretty funny as well! Listen to how she tells the story of fitting into the Psylocke costume. Hint: it involves a lot of lube! 

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3. That purple hair, though. As one of villain Apocalypse’s four horsemen in the new X-Men flick, she makes sure the good guys have a difficult time winning…all while keeping her hair super perfect. Like, how?

4. She’s got such a unique beauty. Well, if you were part-American, part-Vietnamese, part-English, Scottish, and German, you’d be gorgeous AF, too, right?

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5. Have you seen her sword-handling skills? Well, let’s just say she can slay Deadpool in a battle of the blades. 

6. Her character Sloan from HBO’s The Newsroom is a number-crunching ball-buster. All the more reason to idolize this badass babe!

7. She speaks fluent Japanese. She was raised in Tokyo, after all. Arigato, Olivia!

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8. She’s got the brains to match her beauty. Not only did her career take off as a correspondent for the Daily Show, but she’s also penned her own book called Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek.

9. She’s the ultimate geek’s fantasy. She’s into videogames, comics, and sports. Before foraying into acting, Olivia Munn hosted a television program called Attack of the Show!, where she dished out the deets on the latest gaming, tech, and pop culture trends. Is there anything she can’t do?


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