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9 Rockstars Spill The Secrets To Musical Success

Ever dreamt of becoming a rockstar? Several members of your favorite local bands share some tips to help make that dream come true.
There's an ABBA song that goes, "So I say thank you for the music / The songs I'm singing / Thanks for all the joy they're bringing / Who can live without it? / I ask in all honesty / What would life be? / Without a song or dance, what are we?"

It's cheesy, but it's true. Could you live without music? There is a song out there that has meant something to you. Maybe it even changed your life. If you've ever found comfort in a sad love song after a really bad breakup, if you've ever found strength in an inspiring song after a huge setback, then music has touched you.

Many dream of writing the songs that touch other people's lives, and if making music has always been one of your passions, Cosmo's here to help you pursue your dream.

We asked some of the Philippines' rockstars for a few words of wisdom to get you on your way to becoming the best musician you can be. Apparently you can start by buying a tuner.

Check out their advice in the gallery below.411
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