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Uh, *All* The Upcoming Episodes Of ‘A World Of Married Couple’ Will Be Rated 19+

Are you all ready to be even more stressed?

Attention, all A World of Married Couple fans, it looks like the show is not slowing down and will continue to be even *more* intense!

A report, translated by Soompi, said that the production team of the show has declared that the all the upcoming episodes of the show, until the finale, will be “Rated 19+.” They explained that the second half of the season marks the “turning point” of the events between the lead characters Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh. “The change in the relationship between the intertwined characters and the conflict between them will unfold further on the face of a completely different situation. In order to capture the characters’ escalating conflict more realistically, we decided to rate [the rest of the episodes] 19+,” they said.

In the latest episodes of the show, audiences caught a glimpse of the way things could escalate for the characters. Tae Oh has moved back to town with Da Kyung and their two-year-old daughter, and it seems like Da Kyung is growing anxious about her husband. We also saw Sun Woo suffer from her ex-husband's attempts to seek revenge.

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We’re already half way through the season, and yet there’s even *more* stories that have yet to unfold! I swear, every time a problem seems to be resolved on this show, something else comes up. Hold on to your seats guys, it looks like we’re going to be even more stressed in the coming eps.

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