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Warning: Contains spoilers!
A lot of famous movies and TV shows feature iconic character deaths (and injuries) that happen after a great...fall. The latest Twitter trend is to feature these *falls* along with the line "Now from the top, make it drop" from Cardi
Who's excited for '18 again?!'
We bet you didn't know that some of your fave Korean shows are actually remakes of movies and shows from the UK and US! Here are eight shows to check out: The OG: 17 Again, US The premise: A man
It's described as an ~action noir~ series!
UPDATE as of September 22 at 9:30 a.m.:Han So Hee is confirmed to star alongside Ahn Bo Hyun in the new Netflix drama Undercover. The drama is described by the streaming service as an "action noir series" and will
Mark your calendars!
Hi, hello, I'm here to bring you fantastic news: A World of Married Couple, aka the K-drama that got us hooked until its record-breaking finale episode, will finally be on Netflix Philippines on August 28! Considering that a lot
How many of these have you seen?
We're about to wrap up 2020-I know, right-so we thought we'd look back on some of the *best* K-dramas we've seen this year. We listed down, in no particular order, 14 K-dramas
The show's cancellation was announced earlier this month.
Mark your calendars: A World of Married Couple will air on Philippine TV beginning June 15, 2020, at 9:00 p.m! According to an article posted by ABS-CBN, the highly-successful K-drama will be airing on the Kapamilya channel.
This cannot go unnoticed any longer!
If you're an avid K-drama fan and also a keen fashion observer, then you know very well that spotting a designer item in two shows isn't anything new. In fact, such matchy-matchy instances have already happened in Crash
Dr. Ji is making $$$.
It's only been a week, but we already miss A World of Married Couple, so here we are with another article about our new favorite K-drama, this time about a certain piece of ~*bling*~ that the lead character wore.It'
Life is indeed, continuous anxiety.
A World of Married Couple definitely took the K-drama world by storm this 2020. Here's what we think about it. Successful doctor Ji Sun Woo and her husband Lee Tae Oh's marriage seems to be picture-perfect. They have
Okay so remember when A World of Married Couple aired its finale episode last weekend? It left us with so many unanswered questions and we couldn't believe that THAT was the end. Well, it seems like IT'S NOT
Please, someone answer us. Anyone.
We're still reeling over the ending of our new favorite drama, A World of Married Couple. While we still haven't gathered our thoughts to write a review (watch this space, it's coming you guys, I swear), we have listed
We're going to miss this cast!
One of our latest K-drama obsessions has officially wrapped up, and honestly, no matter how much stress/anger/frustration the show made us feel, we can't help but feel a little sad now that we have one less thing to
Congratulations to the amazing cast and crew!
Without a doubt, A World of Married Couple was one of the best K-drama gifts we received during this odd period in our lives. Fans of the show at least had something to look forward to every weekend. (Though really, it
Jean Dalida channeled her inner Ji Sun Woo and everything was totally on point!
If you're a fan of the A World of Married Couple, then we're pretty sure you're as besotted with Ji Sun Woo's chic OOTDs as much as we are. Played by Kim Hee Ae, the K-drama&#
1000 points for you Dr. Sul!
A few weeks ago, we named her the worst character on A World of Married Couple, based on what she's done from episodes one to eight. Then, in the episodes that followed, it looks like we're *finally* seeing a bit
Is your blood *boiling* yet?
Yup, our new fave show A World Of Married Couple, also known as The World Of The Married, is a remake of the British show Doctor Foster! According to writer Mike Bartlett, the series is inspired by the Greek myth of Medea
Hate her, but love her hair.
WARNING: This story contains spoilers for A World Of Married Couple.We may hate Han So Hee's character in the hit K-drama, A World Of Married Couple, but we can't help but love her perfectly styled hair.
Congratulations to the amazing cast and crew!
If you're a fan of A World of Married Couple fan like me, then chances are, you've spent your weekends being stressed out over the latest episodes. Like, honestly, sometimes I wonder why I keep watching this show when I'
More Kim Hee Ae content over here!
A World Of Married Couple, aside from making our blood boil, is super entertaining despite having the *worst* characters! If you love the show, here are seven drama recommendations from Cosmo Girls about infidelity, memory loss, dysfunctional families, and revenge: When a
'Are you sure you're my friend?!'
Warning: This contains *major* spoilers from A World of Married Couple. Episodes of everyone's new favorite K-drama, A World Of Married Couple, are getting more intense as we speak. The show's characters make us feel sooo many